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Securing funding is increasingly competitive. But, for example, when people apply for grants over one third are rejected because they don’t meet the funder’s requirements*.

Perhaps another 25% are rejected because they don’t tell a compelling story. If only applicants realised this, and their applications were correctly targeted and written convincingly, then their chances of success would be greater and their frustrations reduced.

What would you be able to achieve if you could overcome these funding BLOCKS?

* Research by the Directory of Social Change (2012) research indicates that over one-third of applications to grantmaking charities are ineligible – meaning they do not fall within the funder’s stated guidelines and criteria. This is a huge waste of resources for funders and applicants.

What's your funding block?

Do you try to write great funding applications or business plans, but end up binning them in frustration?

Are your rivals all getting money in to take the next step in their plan, and you’re tired of not having the same opportunity?

Do you want to write about your work easily, but lose confidence in your story?

How long have you been telling yourself “I should apply for funding” and putting it off?

Has it become painful to know that you have a great project that is sitting on the shelf that might wither away?

Is your inaction costing you money, clients or relationships that put you into a further downward spiral?

Are you already successful, but now you want to extend your reach to fulfil your ambitions?

Is your habit of managing without support currently limiting your growth?

I call this ‘Form-Phobia’, the fear of articulating the project you feel deeply passionate about and making applications for money in case of facing (more) rejection and disappointment.

I am a coach, MBA-qualified business consultant and author and specialise in helping clients
transform their ideas into financial success. I have raised £750,000 in grant funding for my own
passion project, and helped many companies and individuals get grants and loans of between
£5,000 and £500,0000. I could help you too! Taking the first step is easy.

Get your funding

I can guide you to

Tell a compelling story that convinces people to support you.

Talk in the language that funders want to hear.

Avoid the typical mistakes that lead to good ideas being turned down for funding time after time.

Avoid being one of the 30% of grant applications that isn’t even eligible and is applying to the wrong funders.

Ensure your financials are watertight and you are in command of them, including within business plans.

Develop your marketing plan so that your backers know you will be able to deliver.

Three success stories

Association of Independent Music

Trade Association for Indie Labels

Small Green Shoots

Youth and Music Charity

Rich and Hoyte

DJ and Production Duo

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Have an exciting business, project or artistic career that you are 100% committed to.

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