Association of Independent Music

Trade Association for Indie Labels


“Our digital music event was run on a shoestring budget of £15,000, but we knew with resources we could do more to help our members learn about digital music. Through building a relationship with the London Development Agency and crafting an application Remi secured us £750,000 of funding for a major project called London Connected that allowed us to provide thousands of hours of support.”

Small Green Shoots

Youth and Music Charity


“We asked Remi to write our application for funding from Arts Council England, which successfully secured around £250,000 over three years, doubling our previous funding and enabling us to benefit hundreds more disadvantaged young people”.

Rich and Hoyte

DJ and Production Duo


“We knew there was a gap in the market for a female DJ duo who had a healthy and natural image. We didn’t have a business plan, cash flow forecast or much training as DJ’s.

We worked with Remi helped to shape our business plan and cash flow into a compelling application that fit the requirements of our funder, and helped us to get a £16,000 loan which helped us launch our DJing business. Now between us we have played in clubs in Dubai, Ibiza and London”.