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Easy Money? Funding Creativity- Sat 18th October 09.45-16.00

October 16, 2014

I’ll be speaking at this event in Retford. DATE: Sat 18 Oct | TIME: 09.45-16.00hrs |VENUE: The Well, Hospital Road, Retford, DN22 7BD | Venue details here:


Welcome & Introduction 10.00-10.15

Interview 10.15-10.45
Remi Harris – Music Industry Consultant
Andrew Richmond – Mondo Recordings

Know Your Numbers 10.50-12.00
Fiona Mason – Arts Fundraiser

Grant Funding 12.15-13.00
Fiona Mason – Arts Fundraiser
Shain Shapiro – Funding Consultant
Segun Lee-French – Arts Council England
James Hannam – PRS Foundation
Mark Walker – Rattlepop

Lunch Break (lunch provided)

Friends & Family Funding 14.00-14.45
John Buckby – Spearing Waite LLP
Crowdfunding 14.50-15.40
Andrew Richmond – Mondo Recordings

Summary & Conclusions 15.45-16.00

(Timings may be subject to minor change)



How to fund ambition has long been an issue for creatives. While this gap arguably exists for an array of reasons, its persistence hinders creative entrepreneurs from achieving their potential and hampers creative growth. Whilst traditional sources of funding are out of reach for the vast majority of emerging and fledgling businesses, there are sources of finance which with a knowledge, thought and planning can be leveraged.

So whilst asking for money from your bank is traditionally a default for many, it’s actually an unsuitable form of lending particularly for early stage businesses, and a source of money most likely to be denied. And even if successful, paying interest on loans which maybe secured against collateral that you stand to loose if you default makes little sense when there is money available at no or low cost, and with far less risk – step forward grants and charitable trusts, funding from friends and family and crowdfunding.

Comprising a mix of discussion panels, workshops and case studies, this event signposts what’s out there and how to get it and provides insider tips and know how – from being able to present those all important budgets and break-even points to understanding what funders want, and how to deliver the goods, be they a charity, your uncle and best mate or your fans and customers willing to stump up hard-earned cash in return for your creativity.

Programme highlights include:

Kicking off the day, consultant and funding expert
Remi Harris (formerly AIM and UK Music) will
discuss her definitive funding guide, Easy Money?
with Andrew Richmond, MD, Mondo Recordings
and former General Manager of Zomba Records.
Together they will provide an overview of the funding
landscape and outline appropriate funding options
for individuals and entry-level micro and small-scale

Know Your Numbers:
It doesn’t matter how great you are, applying for
money requires writing business plans that work and
knowing what to include and how, setting realistic
budgets and understanding that all important
breakeven point are essential to funding success.
But that’s not all. Assessing whether you’re even
ready for funding, understanding what funders want
to see, aligning with their criteria and delivering on
goals/ targets are all part of the mix. Arts Fundraiser,
Fiona Mason will show you how.

Grant Funding:
Pretty much the default destination for those seeking
grant funding, this session will profile the two largest
funders in the Grants and Charitable trusts sector –
what they’ve got and how to get it. They will also
explain who they’ve funded and why, and provide
advice on being application-ready.

Arts Fundraiser Fiona Mason will head-up this
session on grants and charitable trusts funding,
introducing Segun Lee-French, Arts Council
England who’ll discuss Grants for the Arts and
other Arts Council funds available to a wide range of
practitioners and small businesses.

PRSF’s James Hannam will update on funding schemes
availablefrom PRSF including the Momentum Music fund,
revealing how to approach making an application,
how to meet funding criteria and signpost other
PRSF funding opportunities. Shain Shapiro will
provide perspective on this form of funding and label
owner Mark Walker with give an insider perspective
having successfully won a Momentum Music award.

Friends And Family Funding:
Raising money from friends and family is one of the
most common ways to seedfund a small business or
music career. Lawyer John Buckby will look at how
to go about asking friends and family for money, and
provide pointers and suggestions of measures you
can take to both structure the funding and safeguard
relationships, both personal and financial.

Exploding onto the funding landscape, this has
proved a popular source of finance for many, yet
which platform should you choose and how do you
run and deliver a successful campaign? Label
owner Andrew Richmond will provide his
perspective of successful crowdfunding campaigns

Music Industry Bassetlaw (MIB) is a funded
partnership between Bassetlaw District Council and
the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
This is a unique project taking place in the North of
Nottinghamshire and scheduled to run until the
summer of 2015. Amongst the numerous outputs
and events, MIB is delivering a number of business
seminars and training schemes, facilitating recording
sessions and also overseeing the formation of an
independent record label.

Finance and Funding is the fourth topic covered in
our must-attend series of open seminars. The main
focus of this event is to start to get a clearer view of
where you could be regarding funding your own
enterprise. You may have an excellent business
idea and potential customers queuing around the
block but how do you fund that idea? Understanding
the funding landscape is essential, and with the
focus on sources of money that won’t break the
bank, this event will show you how.